Angry men


This post is about angry men. We can all think of an angry man or even many we know. Anger in men is a common behaviour.

Anger is the spoken face of an unspoken fear. When a man is anxious about succeeding at a stressful task or life event, he would get easily frustrated. Society has always pressured men “to man up” “to toughen up” and has often labelled sensitive men as weak. A man would often choose willingly or subconsciously to oppress feelings of sadness or fear and would get anxious and angry instead.
Private and public organizations have been raising awareness on the importance of #menmentalhealth. #Psychology is not only for women and men should be encouraged to express themselves and seek help instead of using verbal and physical abuse as a masking behaviour.
Most men are afraid to talk about their worries at work, fearing to be labelled as weak or incapable, especially if they fill leading positions. Most men would also avoid talking to friends and family for the same fear of being labelled as weak. #getloud and support men with #angermanagement issues. Anger is a symptom of inner unresolved conflicts, a lack of communication skills and a lack of self love and self understanding.
Never take verbal and physical abuse from an angry man but encourage him to seek professional help.

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