Winter old and wise.

The freezing wizard, this is winter in the Northern hemisphere. For three long months, the sun is in its weakest and lowest point in our sky and the Earth’s temperature keeps falling drastically. All micro ecosystems are affected. Animal migrations take place, water and plants freeze, prey and food become scarce and our own behaviours as intelligent mammals are similarly altered. However, winter is more than dark short days leading to sadness and frustration. Winter is wise and like all seasons, there is a reason why we have it.

Seasons set the pace of our lives and only pretentious humans think otherwise. Latest studies in agriculture and microbiology are showing that frozen seeds over winter, have a higher sprouting potential coming spring. In Canada, spring feels like an explosion of life, as described by the locals.

So what is the wisdom of winter? Winter makes all forms of life slow down and even stop in some cases. Winter pushes us humans to slow down, to spend more time at home with loved ones or alone, rethinking our self and restructuring it. We started drifting away from this truth with the start of the industrial revolution. Controlling indoor temperatures and lighting is crucial to keep the workers working and the money making itself. Here is the link to on the importance of being bored.

Short days and longer nights should allow us a calmer and quieter life pace. Dark winter days here in British Columbia taught us to appreciate the momentary sneaks of the sun every few weeks. On that day, we wake up early just to see the morning sun and a truly different energy explodes. We start by appreciating the day light and end up being grateful for more in our lives. It is true however that a more reflective period could come with a bit of sadness, here is the link to for a better understanding.

Once winter is explained and understood, we can learn to tame its darkness and bend it in what serves our interests best. Come spring, we shall crack out of our older shell, welcoming a new one, with a new energy and plans for warmer and brighter days.

Photo credit : Rodney GHOSN, husband and roadtrip partner. This shot was taken as part of our 2019 Canadian roadtrip around all the provinces. This is Lake Louise in BANFF National Park.


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