Christmas of 1992

           This is the story of a 7 year-old girl living in 1992. She is the third child of a hard- working couple, both teachers and writers, lovers of paper and ink.            Her favourite time of the year is all year round as she lives in […]

Seek and Destroy

Mirror mirror on the wall tell me what hides behind these faces. News of suicide, relationships falling apart , murders and deadly diseases come to slap me in the face. One says : “But I have known this person for so long and they seemed fine”. Men and women in passive mode or in fight […]

Mouneh مونة

Mouneh is the Lebanese word of slow home processed food preserved by our ancestors to survive winter and the times of turmoil and war. The sight of mouneh awakes in my heart strong childhood memories of Téta (grandma) drying figs and grapes on the roof under the summer sun and cooking jam on an open […]

Let it be, let it go.

Anxiety, anxiety, anxiety. These are the echoes and whispers I hear wherever I go. Humans are talking about it as if it was the phenomena of our era. Fame is written all over it and people share a common state: being anxious about anxiety. Let us talk about the thing that shall not be named. […]