A homeland allegory

A paranoid, a psychopath, a fascist, a narcissist and a murderer walked into a bar. They played pool and darts and got drunk until they started fighting over who cheated but the fighting ended up eventually to be about who truly had the bigger biceps. They drank some more and broke windows and chairs, attacked […]

PTSD at an American airport

A Canadian student from Lebanese origins was banned to enter the States. Upon her arrival to SFO in March 2021, Elianne had no idea that the most traumatizing hours of her life lied ahead. Elianne had spent a semester in San Diego, pursuing studies and doing some volunteer work. During the first Covid-19 lockdown, courses […]

Home grown freedom.

“Control the food and you control the people” Henry Kessinger, 1974. and this is what politicians have been doing since the start of civilization. You control one’s food and you control their choices, their decision making and their actions in life but what if people wanted to be free? What if someone, somewhere decided to […]

The epidemic.

Is it love in the time of cholera or is it madness in the time of fear? It is the epidemic of fear in the time of ignorance and the epidemic of panic attacks in the absence of science and common sense. Common sense, such a powerful concept and yet so fragile. The world is […]