Rindala Semaan

Rindala Semaan Mental health and development specialist- Child, youth and family care – Writer and Editor.

Rindala holds a master’s degree in Psychomotor therapy and she worked in numerous multicultural environments throughout her career. She strives to broaden the general action competences and specific skills of the individual and to stimulate a positive self-image and personal well-being in balanced social relationships, through the implementation of both systematically planned evaluations and individually targeted interventions in group,

With over 14 years of clinical work and continuous training, Rindala is now launching mental health blogging. She is engaged to offer free reads on mental health and to raise awareness about the subject. She offers online therapy, group workshops and talks to motivate people towards a better mental health and wellbeing. Rindala  works with a diverse approach to therapy, including cognitive, behavioural, systemic, dynamic, sensory and motor techniques, offering emotional support and mindfulness for individuals.

 She was born and raised in Byblos, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and a UNESCO world heritage site and she currently lives in Vancouver, Canada.

 Rindala is also an environment activist and a Human rights advocate.

A story of thoughts is my own story. A girl with ideas on life and existence,took a pen and started writing.