PTSD at an American airport

A Canadian student from Lebanese origins was banned to enter the States. Upon her arrival to SFO in March 2021, Elianne had no idea that the most traumatizing hours of her life lied ahead. Elianne had spent a semester in San Diego, pursuing studies and doing some volunteer work. During the first Covid-19 lockdown, courses […]

The Traumatized City, Tree and Chair : A Lebanese architect shares her thoughts following the Beirut blast.

Dina Mneimneh, an engaged beiruti architect, advocates for the preservation of cultural heritage and the development of public spaces. Having extensively researched the post-war reconstruction plan of Beirut after the Civil War (1975-1990), and having personally experienced the Beirut port explosion of August 2020 – a man-made disaster well-inscribed within conditions of entrenched political conflict […]