Why choose Psychomotor therapy?

A therapy that works on your body, your emotions and your thoughts.

  • Psychomotor therapy is vey helpful if you or your child present with :
  • muscular pain due to high stress levels
  • difficulty breathing
  • sleep troubles
  • attention and memory difficulties in planning and finishing a task
  • negative thoughts that are affecting your daily functions and your social skills as well as your energy levels
  • an unflattering and negative image that you have of your body
  • certain sensations that make you excessively upset or trigger you or if you keep avoiding certain situations
  • struggles concerning sexual identity
  • difficulty in expressing yourself verbally
  • excessive clumsiness and weak hand control Space orientation difficulty while driving or walking or writing – Time keeping difficulties (procrastination, late for deadlines) – academic learning difficulties

What to expect in a PMT session:
We use conversational techniques, breathing/mindfulness/therapeutic relaxation, problem solving exercises, sensory challenges, body posture exercises and movement copying, verbal and non verbal self expression techniques, and self exploration.

“I have no words to express how amazing you have been on this journey with us. 

You have been truly a blessing and whilst life is all about changes, your presence and support is something close to irreplaceable. 

Your genuine intent to make a difference in people’s lives is rare.”

Namita P.

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