Thoughts on Michael Jordan.

Thoughts on Michael Jordan

#ThebestNBAplayer to have ever existed, Michael Jordan is a persona that shaped the 80s and the 90s and changed the face of #Americanbasketball. I was 7 years old and I was already following the news of the great MJ, along with millions of people worldwide. He was my champion, he was a #superhuman with astonishing powers.

This article is a dive into the brain of this almost mystical figure and an attempt to understand the neuro-psychological functioning behind such a global success.

We start with MJ parents whose educational approach shaped his personality and his abilities. MJ had a strong and balanced relationship with both his mother and father. He counted on them to build his self-esteem and self-love. He looked up to them for advice and guidance and they were always behind him and next to him, encouraging him to give the best he can and never less. Learning about MJ’s story revealed that his healthy relationship with his parents made him the solid and confident man we know.

Parenting is such a great responsibility. You are carving a personality out of a human dough and you want to be successful. Such a parental relationship allows the child and later the adult to have high emotional intelligence and cognitive abilities, with the least mental struggles possible.

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It doesn’t matter how much material support you give your child. What matters essentially is your emotional presence, your understanding and your support. Your efforts to explain right from wrong and to sustain emotional balance will decide for the mental health of your child.

MJ was not only physically strong. Numerous athletes wrote history with their remarkable skills but few of them left such an unforgettable legacy. I do believe that what made MJ the god he was in basketball were his cognitive abilities and his specific personality type.

If you ever research Michael Jordan you will find out that he was a man with resilience. He was able to control his anxiety and not let fear control his achievements. More on anxiety on this link

Since a young age, MJ appeared to be a good public speaker, choosing his words carefully and understanding that words lead to specific reactions in his interlocutors. He had this power and he used it in press conferences and with his teammates, to reach his goals.

His teammates who are also incredible athletes witnessed the unique abilities of Michael Jordan in setting up his mind on something and then succeeding in getting it done. Some mention that he was not always pleasant to be around as he was pushy and asked for a lot from them. However, they all agree that he stood out as a brilliant basketball player with a high ability to focus while in action.

When you can control your thoughts, it means you have the ability to control your emotions and most of all anger, fear and sadness. MJ had this skill, and this is how he played his opponents with high levels of presence and focus, allowing him to stay in control of situations and interactions.

Also, Michael was highly competitive, but he also knew his worth and this made him claim his right to be the Alpha on the playground. He wasn’t ready to give away his crown and he took every challenge personally. He had tremendous abilities in decision making, initiative taking, leadership, expressive language, and planning and he was highly emotionally intelligent, meaning that he had very accurate understanding of his behaviour and others’.

Jordan had high expectations of himself as every highly intelligent person would. This is also related to how his parents educated him and what they expected to get from him but his utmost superpower to my opinion was his ability to control anxiety, the nemesis of the human mind.

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