The mountain that speaks.

I stood in tears while I heard the mountain speak :

“hush your mind little one”.

I stood stunned by the ice walls and the sharp peaks. The mountain spoke with a freezing breath and so I froze while my thoughts wandered on life and glory.

I stood overwhelmed by the power of presence and resilience in the face of time. I felt like kneeling as much as I felt humbled by such magnificent sites.

Have you ever stood at the foot of a glacier?

Have you ever stood in the presence of a thousands-year-old giant?

I stood so small and yet so powerful and white faraway peaks called for me.

What could a mountain do to me?

A shining peak warms my heart and silences my thoughts. Facing the mountain, time becomes irrelevant, problems look so small and my thoughts are at peace.

I looked at the mighty mountain like a child looks at their grandma and cried.

I felt like bowing to such majesty and felt like dancing in celebration.

I stood thankful to mother Earth for revealing its heart to me.

What could a mountain do to me?

It could silence my mind and I cannot think of anything happier.

I took this picture in BANFF National park in October 2019 as part of our great Canadian roadtrip.


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