The epidemic.

Is it love in the time of cholera or is it madness in the time of fear?

It is the epidemic of fear in the time of ignorance and the epidemic of panic attacks in the absence of science and common sense.

Common sense, such a powerful concept and yet so fragile.

The world is getting smaller and today despite all the madness, we are all one. We are one species in the face of survival. One highly intelligent species and yet so ephemeral.

It is the time of thoughts again. It is the time of thoughts on life and power and the time for lessons that need to be learnt.

The human brain is not almighty after all and humans are not ruling the planet are they?

A virus is such a tiny tiny tiny living thing and yet so powerful.

It is time to be rethinking our way of life and our footprint. It is time to be reflecting on humility.

Repeating this like a mantra: I a human being and I am not almighty on this planet.

Today I am not Arab, I am not Asian, I am not Black, I am not White.

Today I am a human in need of education.


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