All I need is a happy thought.

All I need is a happy thought. One single happy memory or an aspiration to float on.

I walk through the day like a particle bombarded by dust. I feel myself reduced to a circle that had lost its way. Some days are just too much when life is playing psycho. Some days, all this particle needs is one happy thought to cling to and glide on like a sail.

A sail. My happy thought is a sail in which blows what my heart desires. A happy thought is not to be underestimated . It is this force that keeps us living and functional through storms.

If you should teach your child a first lesson, let it be a happy thought. Let it be a happy memory they’d recall at the age of thirty or an aspiration to guide them through time.

If my brain is aching, if my thoughts are troubled, I shall calm it down. I shall soothe my pain with a happy thought. The unbeatable. I shall cling to it like a protective ray of sunshine.

Bring a happy thought to your pillow, to your desk and to your dinner table. Hold a happy thought with you between your shoulders wherever you go.

You might not have money, you might not have a door key but you’d have your happy thought.

And those who have their happy thought have themselves.


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