How to tell if you need therapy?

Here is a familiar scene to help you visualize the point of this article:

– “Therapy? no thanks, this is not for me but I can tell a friend. I’m fine, I do not have a mental illness.

-“Okey but you do not need to be at your lowest to see a therapist. I’ve heard you talking about sleep issues, excessive worrying and a loss of overall motivation and happiness. This is enough symptoms to talk to a professional”.

-“What do you mean? I can totally control that, it’s just a phase”.

-“Well this has been going on for more than 4 months, it appears to me that you could benefit from some professional guidance. You do not have to suffer alone, it is really ok not to be ok and to talk about it. It doesn’t mean you’re weak or failing it just means that you need someone to help you see things from a different perspective”.

-” I thought therapy was for people with mental illness”.

-“Sure it is but it is not limited to that. You can check in with a therapist whenever you feel overwhelmed with life events, changes or decision making. It is like going to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned and to prevent eventual infections or cavities. You must not keep overloading your brain with negative thoughts and ignoring that until you collapse. Your relationships and your health are at stake. You might have questions and your therapist can help you find answers and understand your brain’ s functioning.”

-” But I don’t want to start talking about my childhood and all that Jazz”.

-“Not all therapists have the same approach. Some therapists will be starting by your current life situation, giving you coping strategies and working on changing some behaviours. Conversations are usually lead by you and you will not be pressured into sharing details unless you want to. Of course, the more you share the better it is, but you can take your time to warm up and trust your therapist”.

Therapy is for everyone but every individual would benefit from a specific therapy approach. Some like to take actions, some like analysis, some like sensory and motor activities. It all depends on your personality type and the way you like to process information. A good therapist will know what works for you and will guide you accordingly.

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